PagodaFest 2019

Pagoda Run

This is a 66-mile route through San Diego County.  It's designed to have great views and nice roads while avoiding freeways. Using a GPS most likely will not give you the driving experience that we designed (although use it if you get lost!).  Please follow our written turn-by-turn directions. It's not a race.  There are no awards for being first.  Just make sure you get to each checkpoint while it's open and get your poker card. 

At each checkpoint you will get a card based on a game of skill and it will be marked on your Pagoda Run card form.  There are five (5) checkpoints.  At the last checkpoint you will turn in your form.  Prizes for best hands will be awarded at Awards Dinner.

PagodaPass holders may purchase additional Pagoda Run Forms on the day of the event. We will only take cash. 

If you are unable to complete the route and still want to play, you will be able to purchase "make-up" tries at the Event Dinner ($5 each).

Almost all checkpoints have snack vendors and bathrooms.  Gas stations are available en route.

Non PagodaPASS holders are welcome to ride as passengers but only PagodaPass holders will be issued the Pagoda Run Playing Form.

The planned route is preliminary and subject to change.

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