PagodaFest has partnered with Embroidery Design Group for all your PagodaFest merchandise needs. This is the same embroidery group that provides merchandise, and the merchandise for the last two PUB events.  Choose hats, shirts, etc from a wide range of styles & colors.  They will be able to embroider anything that is available in their catalog.

Orders Close August 30, 2019


Merchandise WILL NOT be sold at PagodaFest.  You must order your items ahead of time and pick them up at the event. If you are not attending, but have a friend who is, work with them to have them get the items for you.

Once the store is closed you will be unable to purchase an item with the PagodaFest logo.  It's sure to be a collectible item .


Below pictures are mock ups of just some of the items available.

PagodaFest 2019

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